Working Football Betting Systems – Do They Exist?

Is There a Working Football Betting System?

Having a working Football System is key when betting on the Football. Yes, you could just go onto Betfair or any other online bookmaker, back the team that you believe will win and wait and hope. But this is not using Betfair to your advantage. On Betfair, there are so many markets that can be exploited using a variety of Football System. Each Football System will look at different markets on Betfair.


Football Betting Systems

Some of the top Football Betting Systems use the following markets:

  • The Correct Score Market
  • The Over / Under 2.5 Goals Market
  • The Match Odds Market
  • The Number of Corners Market


Many Football Systems will not only target just one of these markets, but will target a number of markets to cover multiple outcomes and increase your chances of ending with a profit.


How much can I make with my Football System?

It all depends on the Football System that you are using. Generally, the higher the risk, the higher the potential earnings. For example, there is a very basic method that involves simply laying the draw and then trading out to green up. Now this Football System involves a fair bit of risk as you have to hope that the favourite scores so that you can trade out.

However, there are Football Systems that will cover numerous events and therefore the overall risk is decreased however, because you are placing numerous bets, your profits are reduced also.

When using a Football System, you have to find a happy medium where you will make a decent profit to make it worth while, but you won’t be risking too much.


Can I lose with a working Football System?

Yes! But don’t be too alarmed. No Football System is going to be flawless. What is important is that at the end of the day or week or month, you Football System produces a profit overall. You will have the odd loss throughout your betting period as there is NO football betting system to produce a 100% strike rate.


How do I know my Football System will work?

Paper trade! Then paper trade a bit more! And then paper trade more again! What is paper trading? It is simply taking your Football System and ‘pretending’ to place your bets. You don’t put any money done, but you write down your bet and then write down the final outcome and whether you profited or not. Do this for AT LEAST one month to get a decent indication as to how well it will go. IF you end up with a profit using this particular Football System then you have a working Football System, if you end up with a loss, you have two options:

a) Give it up and assume the Football System does not work.

b) Try another month of paper trading the Football System to check that it doesn’t work.

For example, some teams play differently in different weather conditions and this can affect the outcome of the match which in turn can mean that your particular Football System does not work.


So get out there, Find yourself a football betting system to use and then paper trade it for a little bit and then go out there and make yourself some money with your very own, working Football System.

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