Football Trading Methods – 2 Beginner Methods

Two Beginner Methods for Trading Football on Betfair

At the end of the day, one of the best and most secure ways of earning money on Betfair is via Betfair Trading. Along with this, one of the most popular markets to look at when trading is the football markets.


Football Betfair Trading

There are hundreds of ways you can trade the football on Betfair but, here, we will discuss two of the easiest methods you can do. Yes, the profit in these methods are pretty small but that is why it is a great place for a beginner to start. There are no huge amounts involved and it is fairly simple to trade using these trading methods.

Trading is all about patience, as discussed in a previous article. No one will make money if they rush into trading. However, follow these methods for beginners and you can and SHOULD make money trading on Betfair.


Read the Football Betfair Trading Methods below:

There are basically two forms of trading on Betfair or any of the betting exchanges. I will explain in brief what they are below.


First Football Betfair Trading Method for Beginners


This is the first method. This will initially involve backing so the liability on this bet is what you place on the market. If you bet £10, then your liability will be £10.

1. First of all, just go to the correct score market. This is where you can bet on what the final outcome of the match will be.

2. Now, before the match, back the 0-0 for £10 (or another amount you can afford). The odds will tend to be between 8 and 15. So if this came in, you would win between £80 and £150. But this is not what we want to do.

3. Let’s say we hit odds in between those two at 11.5 – What you now want to do is wait for those odds to drop by half a point (in this example to 11). You can even make this bet at the same time and hope that it happens at some point during the match. When laying at half a point less, I tend to just add 50p to the original bet. This will get you a whopping 50p per match. I know. Not a lot, but it is 50p more than you started with. Imagine 10 games a day over the course of a week, that’s £35 and you can then increase your bets a little. Keep going and you’re finally playing with bigger amounts and bigger profits.

Why would they drop by half a point. At the beginning of the match, the score is 0-0. The longer the game remains 0-0 the lower the odds as the chances of it finishing with this score is high. You can trade out on nearly every game, provided that no goals are scored in the first few minutes.


Second Football Betfair Trading Method for Beginners

This is the second method. This will initially involve laying so your liability will be the stake amount multiplied your odds minus 1. So if you lay £10 on 10.5 then your liability will be £95. Quite high. That is why the first method is better for the new Betfair trader.

1. As with the previous method, go to the correct score market and this time you are going to lay on either 1-0, 2-0 or 1-1 to either team. But which one? Basically, the one with the lowest odds so that we can reduce your liability. You will be looking for one with odds between 7 and 10.

2. Now this time, you want to wait for the odds to go up. As with the previous method, the odds will increase in this case and the likelihood of it happening reduces slowly.

3. Just follow the same process as the previous method and you will be able to trade out

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