Football Bets Explained – Betting On Match Results

Betting On Match Results – Football Bets Explained

So here we we are going to give a basic rundown of the types of bets you can make when betting on match results.

Football Bets Explained - Match Results

Full Time Result

Thfull time result is a very simple bet on which you are betting on which team will go on to win the match (you can also bet on whether it will finish a draw). The teams that are playing at Home are often shorter odds favourites – unless the Away team is very strong football team and depending what leagues you bet in.

     Typical Odds
Team A win      10/11
Draw      9/4
Team B win      3/1



Double Chance

The double chance football bet can give you two opportunities to win out of the 3 outcomes that are possible. As you are covering more outcomes the odds will be naturally lower than when betting on Match Results. You can choose to either back a team to win AND for the match to be a Draw or if you can bet on both teams  in the game to win and there not be a draw.

     Typical Odds
Team A and the Draw      1/5
Team B and the Draw      5/6
Team A or Team B      2/7


Draw No Bet

This is jsut a very straight forward win/lose bet – If the match ends in a draw the bet will be void.

     Typical Odds
Team A      4/11
Team B      2/1


Handicap Result

Handicaps can be useful for creating a betting opportunity when it would not really normally exist –  You can do this by either making two teams more even, or by getting better odds on low-priced favourites. Handicap bets can be applied to Goals and Corners – the football team with a ‘negative’ handicap will have to overcome their deficit in order for the bet to win.


If a strong football team were awarded a (-2) handicap against a weaker football team – The stronger football team would have to win the match by at least 3 goals.

  • Bet: Team A (-2) v Team B
  • Actual result: Team A wins 1-0 = bet loses
  • Actual result: Team A wins 2-0 = bet loses
  • Actual result: Team A wins 3-0 = bet WINS
Team A (minus 1)      5/2
Team B (plus 1)      13/5
Tie (Team B plus 1)       5/6


Half Time Result

Just as with the match result bet you can also bet on who will be winning at the end of the first half.

Team A       6/4
Draw       6/5
Team B       7/2


Half Time/Full Time

The half time/full time bet lets you bet on both the half time result and the full time result. The odds are naturally much higher as its twice as hard to pick both bets right.

Team A – Team A      15/8
Team A – Draw      16/1
Team A – Team B      40/1
Draw – Team A      7/2
Draw – Draw      4/1
Draw – Team B      8/1
Team B – Team A      28/1
Team B – Draw      16/1
Team B – Team B      13/2