9 Winning Accumulators Out Of 11

Hi Guys

On Saturday just passed we tipped ANOTHER winning Football Accumulator, which now takes our December winning performance to 9 from 11 advised – that’s an 82% strike rate!

We’ve been telling you guys to get on-board with these tips for quite some time as it seems we have really hit upon a winning formula.

As with everything we do, we are 100% honest and transparent, and full details of the tips are available – just ask and we shall provide.

For those interested in the raw numbers here they are – all payouts are based on a 10 point / £ / $ bet:


3/12/2016 20.50 xxxx
4/12/2016 15.90 22.20
10/12/2016 14.60 22.20
11/12/2016 16.30 xxxx
17/12/2016 14.70
18/12/2016 17.70
24/12/2016 16.90


That’s a 51 point profit for the month and a 46% increase on an investment – not bad at all when you’d be lucky to get 1% out of a bank these days!

To find our more about our Football Accumulators or to sign up please visit the dedicated website here ==> Football Accumulators


Mark Hughes