Our Extra Tips: Interesting Findings, Different Ways They Can Be Used

Hi Guys, Mark Hughes from FootyBetter here.

As per reported yesterday, our FootyBetter Extra tips are currently on a great run: 14 winners from 14 tips so far this month.

Which follows on from an excellent April 2017 when they recorded a very good 30 winners from 33 tips advised.

Some further analysis of these tips has revealed some very interesting findings, and perhaps some other uses for the tips, which i thought i would share with you today.


Another way that the tips could be used are in the Over Goals markets, which we currently tip in ourselves, through our long running Teams to Back at Over 1.5 Goals tipping service.

Most bookmakers offer various markets on the football and the Over Goals is one of the most popular, and they can be found on almost every match listed with the bookmakers.

The Over Goals are used to bet on the combined scoreline of a match as per goals scored by both teams, at the conclusion of the match, i.e. 1-0 = 1, 1-1 = 2, 2-0 =2, 2-1 = 3, and so on.

Where the real value comes in this market is with high scoring matches, which can offer and produce quite high odds available to us punters.


An analysis of the last two month’s tips of FootyBetter Extra has produced the following statistics and winning strike rate in regards to Over Goals:

April 2017

Over 0.5 Goals = 97%

Over 1.5 Goals = 91%

Over 2.5 Goals = 58%

May 2017

Over 0.5 Goals = 100%

Over 1.5 Goals = 93%

Over 2.5 Goals = 86%

Conclusion And Advice

The above findings were arrived at via 47 FootyBetter Extra tips from the beginning of April 2017 up until today.

While i have conducted only preliminary research into all of this, it would appear that there could be value found in all of the Over Goals markets.

In particular, the Over 2.5 Goals market and higher is of definite interest, as the odds available in these markets can be quite good at times.

Finally, all of the above comes with the advice to conduct your own research as well, if you find this information of interest to you.

And to also paper trade all of your own experiments first before betting with real money, and to always only bet with what you can afford to lose.

I hope that you have found the above information to be of as much interest and to be as useful as i have.

Have a good day

Mark Hughes