2014 World Cup. Round Of 16. Match Details & Advance Tips.

World Cup 2014 Tips

The first round of the 2014 World cup has been completed, and from now on the tournament will only feature 16 teams. The teams competing in this next stage of the competition are often grouped and known as the “Round of 16”.

Following we have listed the remaining teams, match ups, and dates played. We’ve also had a look around the betting markets at Ladbrokes for those that would like to have an advance bet. In the coming days we will be providing more in-depth reviews and tips on a daily basis, as per usual.

Saturday 28/06/14

Brazil vs Chile: 6/5 for the scores to be drawn at half time.

Colombia vs Uruguay: 5/2 Columbia to win with a -1 handicap.

Saturday 29/06/14

Netherlands vs Mexico: 13/5 Netherlands to win with a -1 handicap.

Costa Rica vs Greece: 11/8 Costa Rica to win.

Sunday 30/06/14

France vs Nigeria: 5/4 France to win with a -1 handicap.

Germany vs Algeria: 5/4 Result after 30 minutes – Germany win.

Tuesday 01/07/14

Argentina vs Switzerland: 6/5 First half draw both teams.

Belgium vs USA: 6/1 Belgium defeat USA.