The Advantage Of Betting With Betfair

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Today we thought that we would continue in our series that is aimed at making sure you guys get the very best value, and most profit, out of your sports betting experiences.

Betting exchanges are something that some of your may or may not be familiar with, and today we are taking a look at the betting exchange Betfair, and why we think you should consider opening an account with them, in case you haven’t already done so.

Truth be told, if you really would like to get the very most out of your betting, you should open and retain several betting accounts with a number of the prominent bookmakers and exchanges.

The reason for this is that by taking a little more time with each bet that you place, you can ensure that you get the very best or close to best price available on your selections at all times.

An example of this is today’s Japan versus Ukraine friendly football match.

At the time of sending, Betfair is quoting 2.50 for a Japan win, while a number of the other very well known bookmakers are quoting 2.40 for a Japan win.

That is a 0.10 difference to the positive to Betfair customers, which over the course of your betting experiences is not an inconsiderable amount and that can really start to add up.

Betfair also currently have an offer which allows you to recoup up to 25% of any losing bets that you make, which is, yet again, another way that you can make a positive impact to your betting  bank balance.

While we are mentioning betting exchanges, it should be noted that some can charge a commission rate for their services that can on average vary between 5% and 2%, so that is something that should be taken into account when trying to attain the very best possible prices for your bets.

That said, even if there is a commission charge applicable, extra profit can be sort out and taken each time you make a bet, including with Betfair, and we here at FootyBetter implore you to always seek out the very best value at all times.

If you would like to learn more about Betfair, who currently are advertising some great welcome offers, Please Click Here.

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