Over 1.5 Goals Football Tipping Service


Tipping Service – FootyBetter’s Teams To Back Over 1.5 Goals

** Less than £1.00 a Week **

Due to the many requests we have received after releasing our Teams to back over 1.5 goals PDF, we have decided to launch a service where you will be emailed tips every Friday, with teams we have identified that have a high chance of scoring over 1.5 goals in that match.

Our PDF listing the teams that we recommended from a statistical point of view reached a total of 35 teams!

That is a lot to go through every single week and a lot of games to back! Too many for most people.

Therefore what we have decided to do after many requests is again do all of the hard work for you!

What we will do is go through each and every team, every single week, and not just look at these teams from a statistical point of view, but also at who they are playing, weather conditions, injuries and anything else we need to decide on which teams are worth backing over 1.5 goals.

You will be emailed every Friday before 5:00pm with the selections.


£1 a Week! Why so Cheap?

Using these tips and the staking plan from our Teams To Back Over 1.5  Goal Tipping System, you can make consistent profits each and every week

But please be under no illusion that you will get rich with these tips. This is not some pie in the sky dream that other tipsters offer such as £7000 a week (you could win £7000 a week if you were prepared to place £200 bets, every bet but really….)

What you can do with these tips is make consistent profits week in, week out, and as your bank grows so will your returns.


One last thing!

As an added bonus we will also give you the complete Teams To Back Over 1.5 Goals PDF containing all 35 teams from around the world as soon as you join.

We will give you the best bets each week but there are many other games worth betting on so if you have not got this list it will be a valuable resource to you.


Over 1.5 Goals Tipster Service Pricing

The Introductory pricing for this service is as follows:

  • £12 a month
  • £47 a year (that’s less than £1.00 a week!)


Just select what membership you want below and we will start sending you the tips straight away!

(Including this weeks teams)

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